2021 Grad Show

Emily Aman

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Jewellery & Metals

In my work, I like to explore ideas that help me strengthen my self-connection, and often use art as a tool to analyze how I connect and understand the world around me. My latest body of work 'Work For Me' was made in response to my recent ADHD diagnosis and has played an influential role for me in learning the value of self-acceptance. With this work, I was interested in the places where my interactions with the world and my ADHD intersect, a process that helped me learn to love what makes me unique and unlearn feeling shameful about it. In other areas of art, I am inspired by psychology, nature, music, and pop culture. Some of the work I have been greatly enjoying as of late comes from artists Tatsuya Tanaka, Mando Bee, Sally Hewett, Katerina Kamprani, Seungeun Kim-Lilja, Jan Hakon Erichsen, and Yasuko Azuma.

Work For Me: An Exploration of My ADHD

In this collection, I explore living with ADHD through various jewelry pieces. Each piece is about turning frustration and vulnerability into an aesthetic as a way of reclaiming my ADHD for myself. In other words, I am making ADHD work for me. All pieces were made using on-hand materials to further continue the theme of working with what you've got.

Translating Synesthesia

Translating Synesthesia is a body of work about visually expressing the shapes and colors experienced through synesthesia when listening to different genres of music. Each piece is named after a song that emotionally resonated with me, and is my own creative interpretation.

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