2020 Grad Show

Lindsay Anderson

AUArts Grad Show lindsay

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Simply put, I am compelled to make. A designer by heart and craftsperson by nature, ultimately, I want to create better experiences. I’ve always had an affinity for objects and a fascination for how things work. I see everything as a puzzle, with many pieces that all fit with one another - and many that don’t. This can range from how a pen works, to setting up a document, to organizing my pantry. It is my job to ensure those pieces are meeting their truest potential by testing limits and pushing boundaries.

I am so excited to enter this ever-evolving industry and hope to be an influential contributor. My goal is to work on a team of like-minded individuals, with a range of different backgrounds, working towards a common goal in regards to innovation. I want to be a leader in the industry. Being a problem-solver to the core, Design Thinking and User Experience are essential to my practice. If there's a chance I can work with my hands, you can expect great things.


NailRun is the ultimate disposal and distribution service for immediate building materials. Our mission is to renovate renewability and increase client productivity. Supplies are sustainably packaged, and orders are delivered through our innovative app. The remaining waste is collected by our team then reused or disposed of accordingly. We provide information on environmental impacts and reduction of construction waste issues.


One often forgets to take into consideration how lucky we truly are. Imagine what it could be like to try to find your favourite granola bar without being able to see it's flavour. These newly redesigned KIND Bars cater to the visually impaired, providing braille on the label. Using recycled paper also provides a tactile experience, making it easy to decipher from similarly shaped objects and packaging.

ACAD webService

Any type-A student will agree that ensuring they are on track to graduate is essential and of utmost importance. With only a web application, students are forced to search for a desktop every time they need to check their status. Since we're already glued to our phones, what better to have than a mobile app to provide such convenience. 

Coral Craze

A new mobile game that puts a special focus on ocean conservation. There’s a lack of awareness among youth about environmental impacts on the ocean. While kids understand the basics of recycling and know a bit about the ocean, they are not well aware of the relationship between the two. Especially in places that are landlocked - they don’t get to actually see what’s happening.

Broadsheet Design

While exploring the abstract qualities of the grid structure to achieve a dynamic composition, this broadsheet uses folds as a basis for legibility and functionality. A unique way to present an event program that can be easily held and read, as well as providing a keepsake to post on the wall.