2021 Grad Show

Reece Anderson

AUArts Grad Show 2020_1208_12051200

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Hello, I'm Reece. As a designer, I'm drawn to motion graphics because I feel it opens up a world of new ways and possibilities to tell stories. Through motion we can optimize the impact of the messages we communicate. All motion has meaning. Aside from being a visual artist, I'm also a music producer. When I first started at AUArts my goal was to find a way to connect both of these worlds. I'm elated to say that I've now found my rhythm to work both of these forces. We've built the vessel, now it's time to fill it. I'm excited. Thanks for everything, salute!

Reece Anderson Reel 2021

An assortment of motion pieces collected throughout my 4th year at AUArts.
Audio & Visuals produced by Reece Anderson.

Ebb and Flow Brew Co

Ebb & Flow is a unique brewery that sets out to build strong connections through the mystical powers of a well crafted beer. With self love being our north star, the message intends to be emotionally felt as we anticipate our supporters to see themselves within the brand. The beer is scientifically unique; however, it’s the feeling that is received and the emotional connection that we’re trying to carry out.

Radiate Launch Video

This is a launch video for the birth of a local music events company titled, Radiate. My goal was to create a synchronicity between the sound design and visuals, while building anticipation to an ultimate reveal of the name. It was integral to commit to my personal appreciation for dark, atmospheric and ethereal artwork.
Special thanks to Kevin Kurytnik and Jon-Jon Atienza for the support throughout my semester.
Audio & Visuals produced by Reece Anderson.

The Aperture Challenge

A digital and experiential campaign presented by Fossil that targets 18-24 year old post-secondary students. The goal of this campaign is to develop a solution that will assist this group in recognizing how they spend their time. The Aperture Challenge is strongly linked to Fossil's key brand principles of optimism and authenticity, while also encouraging the target audience to express their own creative spirit. You can dig through more of the case study and insight here: https://www.reeceanderson.ca/

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