2021 Grad Show

Mallory Bell

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration

Illustrator by day and an avid consumer of comics by night, I spend my free time working on puzzles and tending virtual farms. I would aspire to be a circus clown, but don’t ever want to get pie on my face. As an illustrator with a versatile art style, I do a little bit of everything: cute and serious and anything in between. My art works as propaganda. For what? You decide. How you react to my creations is up to you. Love, Mallory :-)

A Thousand Incarnations

A comic exploring grief, love, and the multiverse. The story follows a Djinn who attempts to escape her grief by traveling the multiverse to seek out alternate incarnations of the Mage she loved and lost. In this opening installment, the djinn grapples with the emotions that come from her loss before finally deciding that she will search for another world where her lover is still alive.

A Thousand Incarnations - Character Development

Character development for A Thousand Incarnations. As the comic’s main plot involves the Djinn traveling through different worlds to find alternate versions of the Mage she lost, character design has heightened importance. All the alternate versions of the Mage character needed to still be recognizable as the same woman, while still remaining distinct from the Djinn. Included in this overview are character summaries, designs of the main characters and their alternate selves, and additional concept sketches.

Diving Cat

A colouring book page for children featuring a cat diving beneath the sea. The goal of this piece was to make a cute and playful image that would appeal to young children. As cats are known to not like the water, a diving cat adds extra playfulness to the scene.

Do you wonder?

A short comic that explores the perception of reality when one friend asks the other “What if you didn’t exist?” This was drawn in a simple, monochromatic design that allows the focus of the piece to remain on the conversation held between the two characters.

Justice in Revenge

A series of illustrations that tell the story of a girl’s death and subsequent revenge on her killer. The first image depicts the character’s death at the hands of another. This is followed by the character awakening in the afterlife to meet her mentor, an angel statue who provides her the power she needs for revenge. The third image shows the character taking revenge on her killer and receiving her own wings in the process. Finally, the story is finished when the character meets Justice, who gives her a symbolic scale and sword to represent the task she has carried out.

Self Reflection

A project based on the idea that the environment can become the figure of an illustration. The focus is centered on a strange glass house built above a glowing ocean. Dramatic lighting gives the water an ethereal glow which reflects in rainbow patterns on the house.


Stargazers is a concept development project for an animated short about a farmer trying to win over the attention of an astronomer. The story follows the farmer as she learns of her new neighbour’s interest in astronomy and proceeds to build a mountaintop stargazing site so they still can watch a meteor shower on a cloudy night.

Summer Serendipity

A nature landscape set in Vietnam. This piece was designed to showcase the natural beauty of Vietnam in a relaxing and alluring way, with two women enjoying each others’ company in the field to enhance the mood of serenity.

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