2021 Grad Show

Lee Bernal

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Media Arts

Lee Bernal is a digital artist whose works focuses on color, character design and overall art language. Each of their works heavily revolves around identity, what it means to be an 'other' in society and focuses on experiences of microaggressions.


Originally on a micro-animated loop, Diadysphoria is a triptych of two powerful animals staring at the center piece, a creature who has yet to realize their full potential. The wolf represents diaspora - the feeling of being displaced from one's original home, and the crow represents dysphoria - the feeling of not being fully satisfied with oneself. It's a self portraits of sorts: the gryphon in the center has yet to realize they are much bigger and much stronger than the other two, and sits in the darkness for just a little while longer.

From the Old

The Philippines has been colonized and influenced by Spain for over five hundred years. So much of pre-colonial history has been lost and destroyed due to assimilation. These illustrations were done out of frustration and anger directed at the past and present; the effects of colonization are still present today- a permanent, festering scar that we're not sure if we'll ever recover from.

Tatlong Kabayan

Tatlong Kabayan means 'Three Comrades', or 'Three of my fellow countrymen'. They are Philippines' mythical creatures, the equivalent of a mermaid (Sirena), a giant (Kapre), and a vampire (Manananggal). They have their own history, independent of the west- however, their tales have most definitely been altered or influenced by Spanish colonization. Unlike current cautionary myths, some of these creatures used to be benevolent. The Sirena protects the land, the Kapre guards the trees... the Manananggal is a more violent being only because people make her out to be. The three friends rest in stasis- perhaps one day they'll awaken again and be allowed to exist among people.

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