2021 Grad Show

Emily Biagi

AUArts Grad Show 155477806_184508393442249_8331514385637003563_n

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


As a designer, I strive to connect visually in both physical design and emotional narratives to create meaningful experiences. I believe in exploring all mediums, digital and print for exciting and innovative visual solutions.

Winter 2020 Solstice

An illustrated infographic based on collected data from fitness routines attended at Calgary’s studios and gyms during the winter semester.

The design elements targeted the atmosphere in the city during the winter season and the structured schedule of a workout after work or school. Cool, atmospheric tones with metallic elements further the cityscape lifestyle.

Memories of Naanii

A cookbook based on assigned recipe content: Memories of Naanii, Vikas Khanna.

The design focuses on capturing the beautiful culture surrounding these recipes of the MasterChef holder. My goal was to capture illustrative elements found in the research of ingredient origins and enhance the book design as more than a recipe book, but a cultural experience.

Greenspace Horticulture App Design

A horticulture app that tracks a user’s indoor garden and keeps the user up to date on plant care and maintenance.

Greenspace focuses on a user’s awareness of new or existing indoor plants. greenspace is a horticultural app, recommended by practitioners as a therapeutic and natural method to creating a positive, stress-free environment in your home. It’s also an app that encourages plant lovers to give the best TLC to their plant babies, giving recommendations on plants suitable to your home profile.

Okanagan Aviary

Silkscreen illustrations based around specific habitats and ecosystems of native bird species in the Okanagan Valley. These are all bird species that I have helped rehabilitate while volunteering at a wildlife organization outside of Oliver, BC. My goal is to create visually appealing designs that both appeal to the viewer and allow context to their physical ecosystems and habitats.