2020 Grad Show

Eva Birhanu

AUArts Grad Show 7EAEEE3B-F18C-4DDA-8C2E-7FC834505BDB



My work engages in conversation with societal issues faced by Black and mixed women in relation to my own lived experience. Exoticism, objectification, and micro-aggressions are reoccurring themes within my practice, which I explore through the processes of weaving, sculpture, and print. By way of disembodying curly and kinky hair from the form, it allows for a discussion of ownership, protection, and power.

wear my hair

Jacquard weaving using cotton and metallic gold thread.

hair weavings

Body length weavings of cotton thread and acrylic hair extensions.

unbraiding series

Remnants of previously used hair extensions.

i know you want 'em

Hair extensions coated in gold paint and packaged for commercial use.

look - don't touch

Cast bronze braided hair extension.

gummy braids

Cast rubber multiples of braided hair extensions, in a glass jar.