2021 Grad Show

Liam Black

AUArts Grad Show A4BF774D-4C89-4CC5-9A23-AD94D59BEFC4 2



I create assemblages made of found materials and images to develop ruptures for slowness to fill. This act of resistance – against the speed at which capitalism currently drives the social, political, and economic climate – allows me to confront the anxiety it produces. I apply friction to this speed by participation in nothing; Nothing as in nothing productive to a capitalist’s views on productivity, monetization, and profit.
By doing this form of nothing you stand in opposition to a productivity-obsessed environment.
I propose we invest time into one another and the materiality that surrounds the every day instead. This call for refusal allows for life to be a counter friction to the machine that perpetuates speed-infused anxiety while prompting opportunity to rest. I want to prioritize images and objects that I define as contributing nothing to capitalist logic in their associations with my own process of cooperation with nothingness.
My artwork offers a time for rest and a space in which to reflect on the value of our personal relationships and the ordinary things that we hold dear.

Anti-Speed Meme Silkscreen Paintings

Miscellaneous paintings/sculptures focused on slowness, participation in nothing, memes, and staying in touch with a softness. All work created in 2021.

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