2020 Grad Show

Roan Bohonos

AUArts Grad Show profpic

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


I have now graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts having completed my Bachelor of Design in the Visual Communications stream. My areas of interest are graphic design, motion graphics, video editing, and advertising.  I am passionate about environmentalism and conservation and look forward to working on projects that can further a cause and create positive impact in peoples lives.

I have been fortunate to work in the design field for the past two summers, working full time for Dissolve (https://dissolve.com/) a content provider for stock footage and photography. I was responsible for creating filmmaker showreels for use in social media and on the website, I also designed their regular customer email communications, as well as various other site related design projects.

Check out my website to see more of my work!

Plight of the Orca

An informative video exploring the controversial issue of killer whale captivity in the U.S. and around the world. Through a combination of motion graphics and actual footage, it provides a compelling argument for the end of marine parks, and the creation and promotion of innovative and effective whale sanctuaries, as conceived of by the Whale Sanctuary Project.

Central Mountain Air Re-Brand

This is a re-brand for the small BC/AB airline, Central Mountain Air. They have recently added new management who wants to expand the airline and professionalize its look while maintaining its' strong Western Canadian identity and reflects the character of the region it operates in.

Pacific Wild Wolf Cull Campaign Video

The task of this project was to choose a cause and organization and make a short informative video on it. I chose Pacific Wild and the issue of the ongoing wolf cull in BC.

Footage from: PacificWild & Dissolve

Pulp Fiction Kinetic Type

I took the audio from one of my favorite scenes in the cult classic movie Pulp Fiction turned into kinetic type motion graphic video.

Lebron James Data Map

This is a data map I chose to base off LeBron James and his basketball career from high school > Cleveland Cavaliers > Miami Heat > Cleveland Cavaliers > Los Angeles Lakers. I wanted to focus more into his post-season/playoff data as being the main data points but I also wanted to include some other data that I think would have some value too. The story I want to tell is how his stats during mainly the post season change over the years and when and where it translated to success.