2021 Grad Show

Jesse Boschmann

AUArts Grad Show DSCF1481

Media Arts

Filter Feeding

This work is meant to demonstrate how digital beauty filters perpetuate the biased beauty standards in Eastern Asia vs. the West. Since I was able to grow up in both China and Canada, I noticed how the beauty ideals in both places seemed to almost contradict each other, which seemed absurd to me. Our search for “true beauty” within societies which based those standards on purely subjective ideals is futile, as the legitimacy of these standards dissolves seeing how they shift and transform depending on location.


A looping animation where Picasso's "Tête de Femme" accidentally comes to life and the pieces struggle to put themselves back together. The audio consists purely of background noises you may encounter during a gallery visit. Not directly related to my practice, but this style of motion graphics is regularly incorporated into all of my work. I had fun making this one. Enjoy.

Shelf Life

This installation suggests that the devices we consume, much like the foods we consume, also have an expiry date. Technology is inherently limited, flawed, and biased because we as humans are inherently limited, flawed, and biased. We are constantly being sold this idea that the technology we are being buying has embodied the future and are tempted with the potential to possess a device which has capabilities outside of ourselves. In reality, our tools will never provide us with insight outside of what we already are. Apple has mastered the art of selling the idea of intelligence. Through impressive yet somehow still vague terminology, they continue to satisfy consumer's desire for something never been seen before. Technology expires too.

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