2020 Grad Show

Graham Boyd

AUArts Grad Show Graham blowing glass



My work plays the role as mediator between individuals, themselves, and the spaces they inhabit, with the ability to conjure, destabilize, and reconfigure what we simultaneously interact with and perceive. My practice is positioned in the concerns of optical phenomenology, perception and agency, while also situating itself within formal sculpture. I focus on investigating the themes of the human experience within optical phenomenon; exploring the interactions between the world and man. By contorting and distorting the space around one’s self I bring to light minuscule and easily missed aspects of the spaces we reside within, including ourselves. Using a multitude of glass forms and exposing the materials refractive and reflective properties, I present transient moments between the viewer, the glass works I create, and the encompassing environment. By the way that we interact with and perceive form, surface, shape and colour in relation to ourselves and space, I want my work to evoke a sense of awareness by providing the tools for one to observe and interact with the things around them, along with them selves, in a new and unique way.

Glass as a material is often employed in it being both physically present but optically evasive, voluminous, but visually ephemeral; this dualism between its transparency and materiality is analogous to the “transparency” or objectivity of perception: when we are looking at something we believe it is objectively present, ignoring or “looking through” the mind and eye which organizes our visual field.

Public Intervention

These works are hand blown glass, which is then mirrored through a chemical process then set in concrete

In the winter of 2019 I documented a multitude of mirrored glass forms within different environments around the city of Calgary. Each work, in their own way, distorts and contorts the surrounding area within the surface reflection of the glass. This distortion is fully dependent on the viewers position in space relative to the work; Creating an experience that is unique to that place and time.