2021 Grad Show

Phillip Brovedani

AUArts Grad Show 15E8E315-008A-4991-9262-7A5CC609CAE9

VCD – Character Design & Illustration

I like making pictures that are neat and imaginative. So I’m pretty happy I get to do that. I just want to spend my life drawing stuff goes zwuuuum, craCrawooo, hrrawwwdrukadrukadruka, pazRaowww. Hopefully I’m not paid to talk.
Want to know about me?
Currently in Calgary I survive living with a cat who is in all ways better than me and bugging my friends to listen to my outdated jokes. If you get me talking about space or dnd I will not shut up for like 20 minutes. I usually work in digital though I enjoy heavy ink. Feel free to contact me in whatever way you want, email/Instagram probably the easiest. Tropical fruit baskets are also good.

My Works so far…

Welcome to my stuff, hopefully you like it. I won’t bore you with too much talk but this is a part of my work. There’s always more to come and some things that I haven’t shown yet.


Some character work that I actually managed to polish up.

Concepts and Ideas

Dead Bird Society

Some work from a school club about birds!


What I love to make, environments to tell a story. Mostly sci-fi desert right now I guess

Environments drafts

Sketch works and environmental drafts


A few ideas for some sci fi transportation

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