2021 Grad Show

Kayla Brown

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Beauty is everywhere; it is artists who help us see it. Many mediums have caught my attention, but Glass truly captivated me. Studio Glass is a relatively new art form, and just like the early pioneers I am motivated to explore the abilities of the material. I am driven to demonstrate the qualities of glass through textures and techniques that are not commonly seen. Although Glass is currently my primary focus, I am also interested in exploring alternative media that align with my desire to inform and render the beauty that is often overlooked.

My current work is focused on using avant-garde techniques with hot Glass that make the Glass look like other materials, such as plastic, to demonstrate the alternative forms that the medium can take. A recent exploration with texture and capturing movement through the use of blown Glass trails encasing the surface of a vessel has led me to my most recent body of work. I am intrigued by the physicality of the material, and how it applies itself into a final form that I have little control over, which creates new ways of seeing the material nature of Glass. I have also been delving into abject art, which in my work is finding figures and forms in the discarded hair from showering. This new exploration has allowed me to express my interpretation of beauty in countless different art forms, including glass, metal working, tattooing, and so on, all forms that I am eager to apply these new designs to.

Single Use

Single Use is a commentary on the casual overuse of single use plastics and products in our everyday lives. I sculpted realistic fruits out of glass that appear to be rotten, and applied a thin layer of clear glass that resembles Saran Wrap to the outside of each one. Glass is used to reenact the longevity of plastic, while displaying the decaying natural materials that the plastic temporarily houses. My goal is for people to reconsider their current consumption practices, and make more eco friendly choices.


Edify is designed to invite the viewer in for an amplified experience of the unique qualities of glass. The shape of this sculpture mimics the shape and size of an average adult face to entice a closer look. The vessel is made of thick walls, and the center is concaved to create a lens so that the viewer can see the organic patterning on the opposing side. The intention with this piece is to bring awareness to the objects that we interact with on a daily basis, and form an appreciation for the sometimes unexpected capabilities of the materials that they are made of.

Seeking Serendipity

After completing a Buddhist meditation retreat called Vipassana many years ago, I have been inspired to appreciate everything in my life by finding beauty in everything from the stereotyped mountains to the dirt that creates those ominous towers. I have always been captivated by the remnants of discarded hair from my showers, and have started capturing the overlooked designs and images that I see in photographs, sketches and decals. This series is still in its infancy, and eventually will be translated into many different mediums.

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