2021 Grad Show

Abbi Buckley

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In my practice, I explore the complex interconnections between myself and the life cycles around me by forming conversations through the materials, my body and my surrounding landscape. My sculptural garments questions themes of symbiosis in relation to the current geological epoch of the Anthropocene, in turn suggesting the prosperity of living in a world of reciprocity with the earth. Working with textiles and foraged organic matter, I am interested in engaging with the materials through the act of listening and establishing a symbiotic unity in translation to their altered form. Somewhere in-between, recovering my identity and place within the natural world through the narrative being told.

A Special Place

In Translation

In Translation is a series which embodies an act of returning to the landscape. The series expresses the experience associated with wearing organic matter and how it creates a genuinely raw and present moment with the body, mind and the earth. Creating this series is a desire to immerse myself with the physical, spiritual and ethereal properties of the living world. Inserting my body into the landscape disrupts the boundary and blurs the lines between various species and my associations with them. Forging a symbiotic unity.

Learning to Listen

Learning to Listen (2020) is a series of three garments that embody and celebrate the landscape that raised me in North Western Ontario. This series is enriched with memories of my childhood and the relationships shaped with all beings involved. I've discovered the vitality of being present, receptive and observant as I gather and the importance of maintaining patience and mindfulness of the resources I've utilized. I've learned the value in listening, for listening leads to curiosity and curiosity leads to discovery. Building a bond with the plant life involved guided me to create clothing made with intention, care and love. While wearing them, I am reminded of how I am and always will be rooted to the land I grew up on.

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