2020 Grad Show

Cory Bugden

AUArts Grad Show 3_IMG_1641

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Cory Bugden is a Canadian illustrator based out of Calgary, Alberta. Originally a graphic designer for an agency that served clients like Oakley, Speedo and Red Bull, Cory decided to further his artistic capabilities at the Alberta University of the Arts in 2016. Currently in his fourth and final year of a Bachelor of Visual Communication (Illustration) at AUArts, Cory uses bright colours with a fun and whimsical illustration style that can force a smile on anyones face. When he grows up, Cory wants to be a studio-owner, creative director, children's book illustrator and amateur freestyle rapper.

AUArts Student Handbook - 2019

Illustrations for the 2019 AUArts Student Handbook. Covering all different areas of the school from: the bookstore, library, CT, and etc. The handbook was uploaded digitally to the AUArts website, and distributed among all first years and current students.

Brookfield Residential - Posters

Created large format posters for the community Seton. Having this image off Deerfoot and people driving by, I wanted the viewer to get a quick read and understand that Seton was a new welcoming community coming to Calgary. Using bright colours, fun shapes, and exaggerated characters this invites people into the space.

Calgary of Calgary - Resilience Project

What is resilience mean to you? Well... to me that was turning the Saddledome into a huge green space where the community can come together and create a new green community around an "aging giant". The space inside would house and create jobs for the people around Calgary inner downtown core.