2020 Grad Show

Zachary Cardinal

AUArts Grad Show art-selfie


When an object is recognizable it becomes a known object, while an unknown object triggers our imaginations into creating relevant narratives. When humans do not understand, they must find a way of understanding. By creating assumptions, we comfort our frustration of not understating the unknown. Unidentified Flying Object is known unknown. We assume a narrative to help us understand. In pop culture, UFOs are a wildly known phenomenon. We know that governments have confirmed they have witnessed these unknown objects but have yet too fully understand them.

Unidentified Flying Objects

This is the project that I have been working during my last semester at Auarts. Due to the Convid-19 pandemic, the project was never completed. UFO 1.1 would have been installed in the basement of the graffiti stairwell. The entire bottom floor of the stairwell would have been painted from floor to ceiling. I was going to paint a cyber-punk themed setting for UFO 1.1. To view this work a person must enter the metropolis cityscape. I planning on fabricating a steel apparatus that would be secured to the cement wall and allow UFO1.1 to be supported two meters from the wall. The goal of this project was to invite the panel into an unknown space and have a theatrical experience.

Paper Weights

Making paper weights has been a challenge for me because I aim to make each paper weight the same shape. Replicating the same shape multiple times is a tough task within glassblowing. I made about sixty paper weights over the course of the year. I was doing this for finical benefit but most importantly to train myself as a production glassblower. The Auarts Glass Program provides majors with countless hours of hot shop time which allowed me and other peers with plenty of practice time.


Vases are really fun to make. They are also a great way to practice the art of glass blowing. I tend to experiment with color and form when making vases. Each vase has a unique shape and a color application.

Data Cubes

Data Cubes is a mixed media installation featuring four UFOs, two data cubes, and one central base of command. This large scale installation was located on the basement level of the notorious graffiti stairwell.