2020 Grad Show

Emily Cartmell

AUArts Grad Show cartmell_profile_small

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


What I love most about design is how it allows us to communicate everyday information in exciting and useful ways. As a designer, I love organizing information, discovering systems, and adding creative flare that makes understanding easier for everyone. I work mainly in editorial/book design, branding, and web design, but I'm always open to learning new skills to boost my creative capabilities.

Grow Up Magazine

Grow Up is a quarterly magazine for the earth conscious plant enthusiast who’s interested in gardening and living sustainably while living in the city. We were asked to write and design a magazine for a niche audience and create all our own content. My objective was to make something that’s a little more playful than your “garden-variety” horticultural magazine.

We're Growin' Bud, Bud.

“We’re Growin’ Bud, Bud,” is a feature article written and designed for Grow Up Magazine. It is a playful, funky, and brief introduction to the process growing your own cannabis at home. It covers everything from what a cannabis plant needs, how long it takes to grow, and more.


BROOD is an online brand designed to inspire, empower and inform young people about their role in combating the climate crisis. The brand is based around a website which they can use to stay up-to-date and connect with like-minded people in their area and around the world. The full project deliverables included a full brand design, website prototype, and two social media ads. Check out the website prototype here: https://xd.adobe.com/view/f9d237ab-445d-4485-4256-6cd5da5c17c9-8fe3/

The Five Grumpy Squares

The Five Grumpy Squares is a children’s book that was written and designed as a copywriting assignment. When finished, we read our books to the kindergarten class at a nearby elementary school. The success of the book was ultimately determined by whether or not the kids paid attention and enjoyed the book. I was very nervous because, from my experience, five-year-olds are brutally honest.

It was a success.


A playful response to the world’s growing plastic problem, Bumbox is a sustainable toilet paper brand that is completely plastic-free. It’s part of a circular design system that is targeted toward eco-conscious young adults across Canada who want make positive, sustainable change during a time of environmental crisis, one bum at a time. You can read the full brand guidelines at https://www.emilycartmell.com/