2020 Grad Show

Madison Case

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My practice is centered around the creation of self-worth through my identity as a woman and an artist. I re-imagine certain aesthetics that aid in this exploration of identity, specifically focusing on sexuality and its representation in the media. My previous degree in sociology helps me in this theorization of female sexuality within society and its effect on my feminine identity.
I use extreme cropping and split toning to create a specific aesthetic and construct an alternative reality within the image, similar to the techniques used in films. I derive inspiration from societal narratives, myths or concepts to which I can relate as a woman.
This allows me to carve out a place for myself in society - one in which I am completely comfortable and absorbed - so that I am able to confront my own hesitations about things such as my looks, intelligence and sexuality. In the last year of my degree I have begun to focus on more editorial works with abstract narratives that aid in this discovery of self, in a way that will draw in an audience that will not only understand the artist behind the piece, but who will hopefully gain a similar feeling of discovery. For example, my most recent work revolves around the body and the sexualization of flesh within popular culture, exploring lustful pleasure and embracement of female sexuality in a way that is not condemned, but celebrated. In exploring this concept, I confront my own awkwardness in regard to how I acknowledge my own sexuality and body. Most of my work is based in self-portraiture because I am best able to portray and come to terms with my own shortcomings by photographing myself.

Sweet Like Honey

The Growth of Feminism

This is from an editorial project, where we were required to produce a magazine cover, double page lead in, an editorial story and a back cover. I decided to produce a narrative that would fall in line with my personal artistic practice which revolves around feminine insights. The narrative I created centers around the idea of female empowerment and the creation of a network of women that support and help each other grow. Women are still viewed as needing the support of men, we need them to plant, water and nurture us, like flowers. Yet, like a cactus, women can grow on their own using the resources available.

The Witching Hour


Privacy Please


Surrealist Perspective

American Nudie


New Phone, Who Dis?

The Unveiling

This image is meant to represent the 'unveiling' of the female orgasm and the construction of ignorance related to social factors (Tuana 2004). I wished to confront my own lack of knowledge and sense of shame or even disgust with my own body and its sexual functions, specifically related to pleasure. The grapefruit is meant to symbolize the fleshy and pink form of a woman’s vagina, due to its shape and color. The hand is coming in and delicately unveiling the subject, throwing off the misconceptions of femininity, represented by the white lace. I wanted to make the image very soft and follow a pink colour scheme to keep in line with a feminine aesthetic, producing a 'lovely' mood.

Woman in Bloom

Choice V Chance