2020 Grad Show

Emily Chok

AUArts Grad Show Chok_Emily

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


My name is Emily Chok I specialize in typography, print, and identity design, in which I believe process is the core behind every good design solution. My understanding of the design process has allowed me to tackle problems from different angles, allowing me to learn new methods to apply to future projects. My interest lies in the use of objects and letters in unexpected and interesting ways; I love the interaction between type and shapes and how they elevate modern designs. I seek inclusion as an opportunity to connect with a global community in digital media and design with the addition of marketing as a form of professional communication.

The Influence Magazine

We are a magazine for young creative individuals interested in how different unconventional topics have influenced their favourite subjects and dove deep into how said subject has influenced our world. The Influence focuses on the investigation of bugs, and exploring the influence of insects in a new way as well as looking into its past and reporting on facts and science. Adjectives my design partner and I really connected with were experimental, sophisticated, elegant and adventurous and we really wanted to capture those descriptive words in our overall design. We want the reader to feel inspired, and more knowledgeable after reading our magazine. (Design Partner: Isabelle Kearl)

Personal Practice

Typography & Shape Manipulation:

This collection focuses on how my personal practice revolves around type and graphic manipulation, I’m interested in applying textural effects to objects and letters in unexpected ways. I tend to gravitate towards neutral backgrounds as a way to balance out my love for neons and bright colours as the focal point. My personal practice is ever evolving, but my interest in how I can make type interact with each other with a hint whimsicality stays constant. Throughout my years at AUArts, I've realized my love for type styles and this collection reflects everything that I've learned as a design student but with a little more "me".

Family Cooking

Cooking with Kids:

A cookbook designed to make cooking with kids fun! Integrating hand drawn fruits and vegetables as supporting visuals helps readers easily navigate through the book. Designing a visually engaging cookbook for children and parents alike to make cooking fun. Family is all about getting together and enjoying the little things in life. I designed this cookbook to be visually engaging for the reader. Bright and friendly illustrations paired with a pastel colour palette leads the reader through like a storybook.

Ma Cha Cha

Packaging Design:

Ma Cha Cha is a group project developed to challenge the idea of ritual. We chose Matcha as it has a heavy ritual behind it and brought this traditional drink out of its element of preparation and focused on making it portable and accessible for consumers. The compact roll is secured with a band sewn into the seam. This package is hand made using canvas and plastic vials. Each vile of Ma Cha Cha concentrate is labeled with our logo and packaged for easy access. Ma Cha Cha is meant for the avid traveler or whoever wants a delicious shot of matcha on the go.

Choose Your Favourite Letter

Applied Arts Award Recipient: Typography Design and Application - Series

This design and application series focused on taking my custom designed typeface and bringing it to life through a seasonal type look book inspired by everything colourful, this concept gave life to my custom typeface. Through bold and playful treatments, and applying 2D and 3D effects every detail is designed with care. This bubbly yet modern typeface is meant to be used as a graphic element.