2021 Grad Show

Kim Claussen

AUArts Grad Show kimclaussen_sq

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


As a graphic designer and creative writing enthusiast, my focus is on creating stories across different mediums. My interest lies in solving problems through engaging design and clear communication with great typography, bold color, and expressive storytelling.

I love simple design, retro vibes, color and words, and working through the design process to find the thing that fits the project. I am also a huge pop culture geek, who perpetually needs more puppy dogs in my life.


Cosmica Magazine was created by myself, and Designer/Illustrator Rachel Denbina. It was born out of a mutual love for fantasy and scifi, and most importantly, a love of stories. We wanted to create a space to fuel your love of stories, too, and be a place to explore out-of-this-world places (if only in your mind) and boost your creativity. Cosmica is all about writing and reading for scifi and fantasy fans. Fiction has the unique ability to let us explore worlds and situations we otherwise never could, it helps foster empathy, and give voices to those who may not otherwise have them. We want you to explore other universes, times and places, to write your own, and above: ignite your imagination.

BBC Hub + Campaign

What if you could have everything the BBC has to offer under one umbrella, personalized just for you? This project was based on a brief asking for a service that would unite BBC's wide-range of content in one, customizable, personalized place. I created the fictional BBC Hub, which would meet those needs, and then created the second part of the project, which was the campaign to promote the Hub, covering everything from experiential to digital to print.

Diversity in Hollywood

In September 2020, the Academy released a set of new diversity and inclusion standards. While this is a great step in the right direction, it also had a lot of people calling for the Academy to do more and wondering why it has taken so long for such inclusion efforts to come out. In an effort to keep this conversation going, I wanted to dive deeper into this topic and center my semester-long Information Design piece on it. To show real data on the severe disparity of people of color vs white leading roles in the industry, and hit on the emotional core of it in an engaging way.


Have you ever hit that point in the day when you're running low on energy and patience, but your project is due or the groceries still need to be bought? Maybe you need a break from endless Zoom calls, and you don't want to reach for sugar or coffee, or (heaven forbid) chemical-filled energy drinks. We wanted to create a beverage that is light, refreshing, and gives you just a little boost. Mo is lightly caffeinated tea to give you a little refresh without crashing and jitters. We want to normalize taking a break and promote self care. We're all way too used to being overworked, extra stressed, dealing with things we're not able to deal with - especially during the pandemic. We want you to take a moment. (Created with Jessica Gillam.)

Simply The Zest

Simply the Zest is a fictional gender neutral scent that is bright, refreshing, and energetic. It is created for Lemonade Stand, a unique fashion brand in NYC. It's for funky originals: quirky, bold young adults who believe in staying on your grind, and taking opportunities and punches as they come. (Created in collaboration with Jessica Gillam & Leanna Santucci.)

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