2021 Grad Show

Kacie Conner

AUArts Grad Show IMG_1768 copy


I see my attempt to transfigure pictorial space, through fragmentation and re-composition, as a metaphor for worldmaking; the interpretive systems that are employed to create and understand the world, and our experience of it. Through my process I consider the human endeavor to give meaning and order to our lives, and how this drive toward meaning making leads us to consciously build our world. Worldmaking acknowledges the modes of organization that are used to denote, exemplify, or express particular worlds. The making of worlds draws on elements from already existing worlds. These elements are identified, weighted, composed and decomposed, deleted, supplemented and even creatively deformed to construct versions that are good for certain purposes. In the same way that these strategies are used for creating worlds that makes sense, resonate, and illuminate what we find to be the most important aspects of reality, the work arises from the symbolic activity of collage, which incorporates and manipulates materials for the creation of meaning. Worlds are multiple and constructed through creative modes of organization, continually in the process of becoming. Compositionally, abstracted fragments coincide to create enigmatic landscapes with lyrical qualities, characterized by undulating forms, subtle modulations in color, and an embracing glow. The work refers to a notional world that is not quite our own, an artificial construct that seems natural. As there is no objective world or real reality to be found, the beauty must be in the attempt.

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