2020 Grad Show

Savana Cormack

AUArts Grad Show AC13430D-C10F-49D3-A442-A3F77E4CC64D

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Friday Sock Co. Branding

A theoretical rebranding of Friday Sock Company which challenged Alexi Gaulin (http://alexigaulin.ca/) and I to find brand gaps in the customer journey of the business. Alexi and I created a logo to better represent the brand in a fun and clear way with lots of personality. We then created mockups of what the new branding would look like in multiple applications. The website was another digital touchpoint we decided to recreate with a brighter, more inviting "vibe".


Jordan Bownes and I created a theoretical installation that would be placed in malls that encourage our demographic to get involved and motivate change by sharing photos on social media, downloading our educational app, and donating old clothing items to be recycled. Our goal was to spread awareness in a fun & interactive way.

CIPHER Magazine

Together, Lindsay Anderson and myself created an entire magazine about brain cognition and puzzles. This magazine is for the intellectual who engages in critical thinking and craves mental stimulation on a regular basis.

Cipher will challenge you to attempt fun activities to invigorate your mind and senses, becoming a more intelligent you. Impress your friends with intellectual table talk and games by becoming part of Cipher through an intimate and hands on experience. Our magazine includes articles that will increase your knowledge in a variety of subjects, and perhaps even pull on your heart strings a little.