2020 Grad Show

Annielle Cunningham

AUArts Grad Show Cunningham_AssignmentC_Final

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


I find inspiration through my passion for endless adventure and travel, music and, most importantly, the people around me. I believe that living life without laughing at yourself isn’t living and that the best reward for hard work is happiness. Treat the earth with kindness and eat to fill your soul. Most importantly, never stop asking questions and never stop exploring.

Connect4Climate: Eliminate The Struggle

Together with Connect4Climate were combating fast fashion. We're encouraging people to shop second hand by highlighting reasons why buying new takes more effort then you think. Buy second hand. Eliminate the struggle.

Seed + Stone

Seed and Stone is a zero-waste grocery store that focuses on local food and only imports when necessary. Carrying primarily our brand not only allows us to control the quality of ingredients but also the materials used for packaging.
We are partnering with local farmers, butchers and bakers, providing fresh food in your home. Any leftover food we don't sell, we donate to our local homeless shelter.

Made in collaboration with Emma Dallaire and Balzhan Sitaliyeva.

More Than Homeless

As a society, when we see a person affected by homelessness, we avoid them; all we see is homelessness. This campaign aims to rehumanize the less fortunate and show society that we may not be so different.

Life Without Memories

Alzheimer's disease leaves people with gaps in their memories. Having a single reminder on their phone often isn't enough to help them remember. This campaign illustrates how a person living with Alzheimer's might remember.

Countdown to Annihilation

Each year, the number of threatened species increases primarily due to humans. This data visualization char tells the story of 25 animals currently on the IUCN Red List of Threatened species