2021 Grad Show

Edwin Curr

AUArts Grad Show bio

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Edwin is a graphic designer, kind of. He also is an animator, a sound designer, an amateur fashion designer who can’t sew, and surely has a 4th quality that could be listed. He graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts with his Bachelor of Design in May 2021.

Edwin believes that the strongest designs move and make noise; culturally and literally. He is committed to this belief in his personal and professional practice and continues to make bold and daring works.

Profile Image courtesy of Danielle Gloeckler.

UPVault Digital Collectibles

UPVault is a digital merchandise sub-brand of Universal Pictures that creates, distributes, and facilitates peer-to-peer sales of Universal Pictures-themed NFTs (UPVault theoretically would work on the Tezos blockchain, a low-carbon cryptocurrency token system.). While Universal Pictures currently provides high value physical collectibles, they lack digital outreach and a contemporary audience. UPVault seeks to bring classic Universal content into the digital age and get movie fans excited about these films again.

Hildegard (Demo)

Hildegard is an AR video game concept that explores themes of isolation, reality, religion, and being. Inspired by the life of Hildegard Von Bingen as described in her manuscript Scivias (1151), a player finds themselves locked in a stone cell for an undetermined amount of time. Over the course of the game the player develops hallucinations and delusions; or is it a greater truth?

Mother Magazine

In collaboration with Danielle Gloecker (https://yel.work).

Mother Magazine is a quarterly publication for those looking to participate more in the food they eat. Fermentation is all about slowing down, experimenting, and enjoying the process; Mother Magazine seeks to reflect these qualities while engaging readers with quality content. An experimental and soft brand identity attracts readers who are looking to slow down and experiment with their food.

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