2020 Grad Show

Jeliane Curtis

AUArts Grad Show IMG_5272


I am investigating my experiences in landscape during the golden hour; the moment the sun just peaks over the horizon and illuminates the land. I am interested in the first light of day when the waking of the environment is most still, and there is a sense of calm within the landscape. The places I explore are often national parks that have large geological features dominating the landscape and those with still bodies of water that pose a reflection. I capture my experiences through photographs and translate those moments into work using glass.

The moment is expressed through glass, often working with photographs I have taken. I use the images that I capture and the expression that can be found through materiality and sculpture as a means to convey my ideas. I allow the materials I use to highlight aspects of the landscape and heighten the moments that I find interesting. By using glass as a way of altering perspective, I am referencing the camera in terms of material, light and point of view.

Board of Governors Graduating Student Award Recipient - Glass

Geological Transformations of Light Study

Landscape Studies

Many of these photographs can be found throughout my glass practice as a reoccurring motif.

Horizon Windows Series