2020 Grad Show

Emma Dallaire

AUArts Grad Show Headshot

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


I am a curious designer looking to break into the world of product design and branding, focusing on empathy and understanding. I never take myself too seriously and love to make others laugh, and I am always looking to learn something new.


Revive was designed to solve the product waste problem surrounding shopping. Revive is an application where you can buy anything from sustainable clothing to kitchenware all with the easy tap of a button.

Revive does all the research and work for you, so you can ensure everything you add to your cart has been made with the environment in mind. There is also a built-in sustainability scale so the user can see the full sustainable life cycle of the product.


Element is a weather app that helps you decide what to wear based on the weather forecast for the day. At the beginning of installing the app, the user must fill out a series of questions to ensure that the app can best understand their style and comfort goals for each outfit. Every day the app will provide a forecast for the day along with outfits suggestions to accompany the weather throughout the day.

Fitted Furniture

Fitted Furniture was a self-directed project to practice my branding skills. Fitted furniture is a furniture store that partners with local wood crafters to make and sell beautiful modern hand made furniture. Fitted Furniture supports local artists by giving them the platform to sell their furniture and, putting all quality handcrafted furniture in one place for users to browse.

Honey & Wax

Honey & Wax is a magazine made for active outdoors individuals looking to start a side hobby of beekeeping! We found a gap in the beekeeping market where most magazines and articles online were geared towards professional beekeepers and scientists. The information was dense and scientific and was not approachable for hobbyist beekeepers.

Honey & Wax is meant to be a fun, exciting, and approachable magazine for beginner beekeepers. This magazine was done in collaboration with Sam Richey. Below are the spreads, illustrations, and designs that I worked on for the magazine. Our bold large type mixed with digital silkscreen illustrations bring an approachability and fresh new looking into the world of bees.

Seed + Stone

This was a group project, made in collaboration with Annielle Cunningham and Balzhan Sitaliyeva for our fourth-year brand class. Seed and Stone is a zero-waste grocery store that focuses on local food, minimal imports, and including people from all backgrounds. Home Grown Ingredients is a concept that we implemented throughout the brand from logo, packaging, and website.

Seed and stone carry's its own line of food to ensure eco-friendly packaging, we also ensure to partner with local farmers, butchers, and bakers so you get the best homegrown food on your table. With whatever food we don't manage to sell, we donate to local homeless shelters. Through our website, you can find recipes with products we sell in-store.