2020 Grad Show

Julia Dang

AUArts Grad Show Dang_Julia_06

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Seeing beautiful but effective designs is what intrigues me the most and also the reason why I wanted to learn more about it. I enjoy making magazines and giving a brand their own personality to help spice up their business.

Stand with Vans

An interactive magazine page where the viewers will have the opportunity to see what someone has to listen to just because of their gender. While having also given the chance to learn more about the person’s story and how fitting into the “norm” has effected them personally. 

I want the magazine to remind people that they have the power to remove those stereotypes and change.


We live in a time of uncertainty: about the future of our planet and humanity. Every day we get is invaluable, every choice we make is significant and every opportunity to do good is extraordinary. When tomorrow isn’t a guarantee, it makes us wonder: what would you say to an extra day? A day to do, redo, or change entirely. Sounds like wishful thinking? Maybe not… 

Yula can help us get one more day and then some.

YULA is a 100% plant-based energy drink that uses only 9 ingredients that are all ethically and sustainably sourced which makes it great not only for us but also for our planet. Their partnership with One Tree Planted gives us all a brighter future and their all-natural energy gives us the boost we need to be the best versions of


A tea brand that redefines the meaning of traditional tea and revolving it into something that is fast, easy, and accessible. Our mission is To break free from the traditional tea-making process without compromising on the experience by rethinking the ritual. With the concentrated tea cubes that are made to dissolve completely in hot water in 1-2 minutes and removing package waste that comes with using traditional tea bags or loose leaf tea.


Noods is a playful magazine that dives deep into the world of the modern foodie with content that fills your mouth and appetite with good food and an even better time with friends.