2020 Grad Show

Selin Denis

AUArts Grad Show Denis_Selin_06

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


As a designer, I aim to create a body of work that tells a story in an engaging and exuberant manner. I love to explore new avenues to come up with a memorable design solution for each project which will ultimately help it’s story shine. I cater each design to what the project calls for but in each project I aim to keep things clean and thoughtful.

TEABUM Tea Cubes

As easy as one, two, tea! That’s our motto at Teabum. We are a brand that sells concentrated tea cubes that is made to dissolve completely in hot water in under a minute which eliminates the long waiting time and package waste that comes with using traditional tea-bags or tea leaves. The main objective of this brand is for tea to be made more accessible to the masses and furthermore to break the tired stereotype that "tea is for the older generation". Featuring bright colours and eye-catching patterns, this brand aims to capture the hearts of anyone with a busy lifestyle who still craves the healthy benefits of tea. This project is made in collaboration with Julia Dang.

NOODS Magazine

NOODS is a playful magazine that dives deep into the world of the modern foodie with content that fills your mouth & appetite with good food and an even better time with friends. The issue showcased here focuses on the fascinating world of 'Ramen' and helps readers to take up their 'nood' game up a notch! This deliciously niche magazine was created in collaboration with Julia Dang and Michael Doborski.

YULA Energy Drinks

This is a copy-based social media campaign for YULA Energy Drinks created by myself and my partner - Julia Dang. The campaign was created to showcase the sustainable, eco-friendly and all-natural nature of YULA energy drinks in a unique and thought-provoking way.