2020 Grad Show

Michael Doborski

AUArts Grad Show DBSK_Michael.Doborski_4

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


My multifaceted work embodies the immediate, efficient and effective qualities of contemporary design — transforming image representation to be more accessible through editorial spreads, motion graphics and video work. Through various mediums, I mediate information in a thoughtful and organized manner. I use strong and vibrant colours in my work to boldly claim information in an attention grabbing manner. My design method is geared towards creating simple, clean and genuine designs that are flexible and can tailor to the client’s needs effectively. I capitalize on the attributes of their brand, duly researching its qualities and purposes to redefine what it means to cater thoughtful design.

Board of Governors Graduating Student Award Recipient - Graphic Design

Cyrc - Social Platform

Cyrc is a social platform where designers & thinkers from all over the world can come together to share their circular design strategies. Check it out on Instagram @Cyrc.ularity

The Cusp - Silkscreen Prints

The Cusp is about a lone figure who explores three newly found worlds. The name The Cusp, capitalizes on the moment right before the embarkment of a journey. Inspiration was taken from Caspar David’s The Wanderer Above the Mists in the creation of the poem and composition as the figure-environment trope is vastly embodied within the construction of the composition, shape and colour.

Noods Magazine

Noods is a playful magazine that dives deep into the world of the modern foodie with content that fills your mouth and appetite with good food and an even better time with friends.

Lasercut Road Bicycle

The Laser cut Road Bicycle was first created as a fun exploration into 3D design and as a fun way to invite viewers to my website. Since then the project has evolved into further iterations that better utilize the materials and shapes of the bicycle. As the project develops, more styles and iterations of bicycles will be created.

Aneurysm Awareness - Video Campaign

Aneurysm Awareness is a video campaign created for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. It is meant to bring awareness and foster a more educated community surrounding aneurysms.

Round Town - Bicycle Ride-share Service

Round Town is a monthly subscription based ride-share service meant to elevate the experience of inner-city exploration through cycling, while eliminating the hassle of owning and maintaining a bicycle.

Autonomous Rover

The Autonomous Rover Chassis re-design was a joint project done for the Sait Drone Laboratory by a select group of AUArts Undergraduate Research Assistants chosen by Assistant Professor Bryan Cera.

The request was to create a chassis that was: light-weight, able to attach/modify with existing sensors, easily modifiable in the field (should batteries or cables need to be replaced), and beautiful in design.

Our team was able to create a completely working 3D Printed Rover chassis, equipped with working lights, cameras and circuit boards. Representatives from Sait were beyond impressed, and our team felt extremely proud and grateful for the opportunity to help collaborate with them in this extra curricular activity.