2021 Grad Show

Alexi Dostal

AUArts Grad Show Grad Portrait


I am interested in the presence of frequencies within the universe and the physiological responses to dissonant sound. My work is a means to create a sensory experience for the viewer through the utilization of visual elements to evoke the other senses, and alludes to the interweaving of waves, referred to as interference, and to a frequency beat or pulse through the irregular nature, placement, and direction of the lines. The abrupt end of the lines form a square containment framed by the black canvas which creates a sense of suspension within the void, and allows the feeling of being pulled into the work to emerge. The transference of the artist’s essence becomes embedded into the work through the presence of the artist’s hand, which allows the work to become a conduit for the transmission of vibration, and forms a relationship between artist and viewer. Dissonant abstraction, in which a viewer may become pulled in, elicits a sense of tension that triggers both unpleasantness and excitement. My aim is to create experiential sensations of sound and vibrations within the viewer and to express the frequencies traversing throughout the universe. Creating portals capturing the essence of unseen forces transformed into optical stimuli allows for the occurrence of an internal resonance.

14 hz

Series of Dissonance

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