2020 Grad Show

Brandon Dull

AUArts Grad Show Portfolio_Head_Shot

Media Arts


Brandon Dull is an emerging media artist, maker, and designer. His body of work focuses on emotions and exploring the space that exists between technology and reality. These ideas are explored through Gothic aesthetics and the incorporation of new and emerging software and technologies. Using lighting and sound to deliver powerful experiences and encourage interactivity.

Lost Light

We are voyagers lost adrift. Floating in the deep. Words are muffled and distant. They swim and pry. Snuffed, deprived of oxygen. Packets act as couriers. Fragments to restore a lost transmission. A cadence of light unfurls. It clambers its way through the void. To reach the center. To bridge together the shards. Elliptical unification.


Mirror is an interactive installation the projects the viewers face into distorted waves on a 3D printed head. This project investigates how technology allows us to distort and fragment our personas on social media.


A project about making parametric furniture that can be customized on the fly to make several variations quickly and easily. 3D modeled in Rhino 6 with the Grasshopper plugin. 3D printed in Yellow PLA and wood filaments. Laser cut out of acrylic. Cushions sewn from reclaimed fabrics.

Chess Pieces

Mythological chess pieces sculpted in ZBrush and 3D printed in glow in the dark PLA filament.


A project based on recreating a 1:1 version of a chosen object. The chosen object is a beloved Tamagotchi toy modeled to scale.

Explore - Chocolate Bars

Collaborative project with design student Ashley Van Spengen. 3D modeled mock up shots for a Canadian chocolate bar brand.

Guardian Angel

An artwork based on the hybridization of surveillance and consumerism, comparing those themes to that of Christianity.


A collection of immersive environments created around ideas of tonality and mood. Created to be a resonant experience that depicts a experience or setting associated with various topics such as time of day, current events, and self reflection.

Black Box

The Black Box is a collaboration installation between artists Brandon Dull and Nicholas Gunhouse. It is an interactive sculpture that changes its lighting and tone based on the amount of bodies around it. Its focus is on discussing the topics of 'magic' and connections that happen behind the scenes when we choose to engage with digital technology such as our smartphones or computers.