2021 Grad Show

Keven Sherwood

AUArts Grad Show 20191016 PHOT 320- Major – One-Flash Portrait BT 0077


Keven Sherwood was a student of AUArts, majoring in ceramics and pottery. She had been attending the university on and off since 2014, having had to take time off for various health reasons. In September 2020, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer, and was treated with chemotherapy, radiation, and brachytherapy therapy. Keven fought the hardest fight of her life against cervical cancer but unfortunately the cancer won.

On October 15th, 2020, Keven passed away peacefully at the side of the love of her life Jordan "River" Easton. She left behind her mother Pam Sherwood, her dad Geoff Carberry and her beautiful little girl, Lunabelle who is 4 years old. There is nothing Keven loved more than creating at AUArts and one of her greatest dreams was to earn her degree and teach people to help them on their journey in becoming artists. The family of Keven will be creating a scholarship in her name so her she can do just that and her spirit can live on in the school that she loved so much. More details about how to donate to the fund will be made available soon.

360º Gallery

This is a selection of works by Keven Sherwood through her years of schooling at AUArts. These are displayed in the 360º Gallery.

Keven and Her Wings

This is a collection of images of Keven in one of her greatest creations: Her beautiful full-sleeve wings made of hundreds of feathers. Keven came to embody her animal familiar, the owl. She has always been connected to the owl. Now she soars with them.

Keven and River's Wedding

Images from Keven's greatest work, her beautiful wedding with River. All of Keven's friends and family came together to achieve her artistic vision of this Wonderland Wedding even though she was too sick to do it all herself, like she normally would. This was one of the final creative expressions of a true artistic force in this world.

Keven In The Studio

This is a series of images of Keven in the ceramic studio, both at work and showcasing her art. Keven was in her element in the studio. She loved to experiment with the mediums and create with other people. Her energy was felt throughout the space when she was around. A piece of her heart will forever be in that studio.

Keven's Ceramic Pieces

The true love of Keven's artistic life: Ceramics! There are few things Keven loved more than pulling out a big lump of clay, throwing it on the wheel and starting to make form from the formless. Keven had a knack for mixing glazes and slips in interesting combinations to make her pieces crackle and bleed bubbles of glassy glaze over the sides. She always wanted to find new ways to do things and wanted to be on the frontier. Ceramics was her escape into her own creative mind.

Keven's Drawings

A collection of drawings created by Keven. One is a self portrait drawn with pencil, while others are fantastical worlds created with bright markers and pencil crayons.

Keven's Glass Work

A small assortment of Keven's blown glass work. This was an area of artistic endeavour that Keven was most excited about developing. Her goal was to continue working with glass and see how she could fuse it with other mediums.

Keven's Paintings

Keven's talents were many and one of her early artistic skills was painting. She loved to create other worlds full of mysterious creatures. The surreal environments she created were out of this world.

Keven's Photography

This is a small collection of examples of Keven's photographic work. She loved to overlay a series of filters that would interact with each other and sometimes clash to create unique and memorable images.

Keven's Sculptures

Here are a variety of sculpture works Keven created. She loved making headdresses and magic wands. It brought her joy to turn a lump of clay into something incredible.

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