2020 Grad Show

Leah Falck

AUArts Grad Show IMG_9778


A broken chair, a pile of bones and skin


Bioplastic forms mimic recognizable objects; a plate, knife, fork, spoon, and cup. They cannot carry out the intended function of the items they resemble, doing so would destroy them. Decayed, useless, fragile.

Materiality of bioplastic

Various explorations with the materiality of agar based bioplastics. Discovering the characteristics they can take on when altering recipes and methods of preparation.

Useless Skin, Empty, Casing, Entrance

Three of works from the Fall semester of 2019. Useless Skin (2019), Empty Casing (2019), and Entrance (2019).


In this work I layer multiple versions of my body back onto itself, creating a collapsing, self-cannibalizing form. Head and limbs are cut off by the delineations of the projector light, leaving only the torso visible, but out of focus and obscured. My real body and the projected image of my body blend and tear away from each other as one exists motionless, dead, and the other breathes and shifts weight around. The image melts as liquid bioplastic pours over my body, building up layers and solidifying against the skin. I then try to peel away the new layer of pseudo skin.


Thick, concealed bioplastic pours over my face as I sit in front of the projected image of my open mouth covered with a mask of bioplastic. Layers of waxy, oozy, heavy bioplastic pull my eyelids closed and block my nose and mouth. Moments of gasping for breath have been removed to erase notions of humanness until the liquid stops flowing. There is a moment of slowness before the video speeds up making breathing appear strange and unnatural. The bioplastic masks my face and sets quickly. I press into it, getting underneath it, between my skin and the pseudo-skin. I start to peel and push it away before the video abruptly ends and then repeats.

bioplastic corset and underwear

The corset will shrink and tighten over time, becoming less and less accommodating to the supposed body it is meant to contain. If worn, it will not constrict the waist and restrain ribs from moving, it will succumb to the weight and movement of the body, cracking and peeling away from it. The body prevails against a traditionally inhibiting garment. The underwear is crotchless for increased comfort or discomfort. As time passes it will also eventually tear away from the skin and the slit will close up. The (un)wearble set resembles skin and something other, human and plastic and alien.