2020 Grad Show

John Faul



What, or rather who, moves and stirs from the deeps of the psyche intrigues me. These places are intimately private and collectively personal. Dreams, fantasies, and mythic stories inspire me. ‘Who is visiting …?’ challenges and invites my creative inquiry. With art making, I find portholes where inner awareness of who is present is made visible through the language of color and forms. To notice is essentially my art practice.

My drawings, paintings, and sculptures are expressive, whimsical, and spontaneous. Distorted symbolic images with bright colors add to my expressive voice. My work is presented as large portraits done in mixed media with various mark makings.

Fossils as Figures

Personal dreams are the inspirational source in my art practice. My overall emphasis is to dream dreams on. Dreams of the dream world are further explored and evocative images are developed, matured, and incubated in my creative practice. A dream image is that dream character, experience, or event that is recalled as it is most vibrant, energetic, and animated. The focus is to hold the image central and aid it to be alive and awake. The focal point is always the image. In my creative practice I assist the dream image to be more alive and present in the awakened world.