2020 Grad Show

Jane Finley

AUArts Grad Show CA4DCD3A-AA35-4898-BA82-6ECDB22081E6


My work is ultimately about human connection. In my social art practice, I facilitate experiences that are designed to foster connection between the participants in attempt to combat loneliness that many people in our society face. The types of experiences I create include collaborative painting projects, pop-up cafes, communal dinner parties, get-togethers and other facilitated activities that serve many different demographics faced with loneliness. My goal through these projects is to create experiences that foster relationships and connections that otherwise may not have been formed.

Cafe 381

I host Cafe 381 in my studio space once a week at the Alberta University of the Arts (AuArts). Each week I offer a different hot drink and baked good pairing and invite people within the AuArts community to partake. I have transformed my studio space into an open, inviting, and inclusive space. I encourage people to stay and chat with me and other participants over their food and drink. I created this project in response to the loneliness and isolation faced by university students. The weekly café event offers an experience of gathering and connection. The response I have received is that Cafe 381 has strengthened the community, fostered connection, and has had a positive impact on the well-being of participants.