2020 Grad Show

Naomi Fong

AUArts Grad Show fong_naomi_04

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


I create character designs and illustrations that are often autobiographical or from real life experiences or observations. I deconstruct my own experiences and turn them into a visuals. I use illustrations, narratives, and characters to communicate these personal experiences. The aim of my art is to bring emotional truth and awareness to those who have faced similar stigmatized events. My art is more humanistic than aesthetic. To me, real life is not glamorous or perfectly crafted, but unadorned and flawed. This is my art--from the personal to the universal.  I want to share my real life and observations and I want to encourage others to share their real life stories as well.


Graphic Novel Full Page (2020)


Memoir Comic (2019)
Acrylic Ink

Fairview, Halifax

Environment illustration, Digital 2020

Skateboard Deck

A skateboard deck design celebration of femininity and its alluring power.


Calgary today, it is a city that embraces, respects, and celebrates all people and culture. I have seen this change through the eyes of my grandparents that immigrated to Calgary in the 1950s. Language and culture were alienating. Struggling to find work, Chinese immigrants employed themselves, by starting their businesses. These businesses made up Chinatown. This is where a majority of Chinese immigrants lived and shopped. They formed benevolent societies in Chinatown, for social connection. These societies were their lifeline to a community that accepted them. This illustration celebrates the Chinese Immigrant's resilience through visualizing the different periods of Chinatown.