2021 Grad Show

Kira Fowell

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“I turned vulnerability into art. I took the internal insecurities and struggles within myself and my relationship, turning emotional vulnerability into something visual.”
I am an artist & photographer; located in Calgary, AB. I do not stick to one discipline since I draw and shoot photography. I love exploring various materials and finding ways to express different emotions within my work. Recently my focus has been on exploring vulnerability and creating poems that coincide with my art. As an artist, I like to write poetry as it allows me to explore the mental states of my mind in my artwork. This allows me to create a deeper connection to the idea of vulnerability and the human body. I have always wanted to be an artist and it is all I have ever known; it is how I connect and speak. I find deeper connections and bring stories to life through visual juxtapositions of drawing, poetry, and photography.

Sensitivity makes you special, but

Sensitivity makes you special, but also makes you vulnerable. 2020
Handmade paper, Thread, Chalk

A Letter

A Letter
Paper, Ink, Thread

Break Me Down

Handmade paper, Peace Tea, Thread, Chalk. 2020
It flows through me, through my veins, through my body and it tears me up inside. I fight within myself starting by a fight with you, getting more and more broken down. The vulnerabilities we have come forth and break me down even more.

Perfect For Each Other

Handmade paper, Peace Tea, Thread, Chalk. 2020
It's only getting worse... Or is it all in my head? “We aren't good enough for each other.” Then there are these signs... signs that tell me otherwise, that “we are perfect for each other.”

Rip Apart

Handmade paper, thread
The conversations between us tear into me from the inside out. With every word, it tears deeper and deeper. The more vulnerabilities show and rip me apart.


Handmade paper, Thread


Trauma 2019
Handmade paper, Thread
It keeps happening

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