2021 Grad Show

Angela Franco

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VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Angela Franco is a graphic designer & illustrator based out of Calgary, Alberta. Focused on branding, editorial and packaging, Angela uses bright colours paired with an off-beat illustration style to give her work a sense of lighthearted charm. In the future she’d like to be a creative director, studio-founder, book cover illustrator and foster-parent extraordinaire.

Profile image courtesy Kapwa Co.

KD 85th Anniversary

Canada's de-facto national dish just got a little more attitude.

With KD's 85th anniversary just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than a limited edition run of a pantry staple? This concept honours the bizarre culture around the "right way" we've each created to eat our beloved cheese noodles. Spoon or fork? Pot or bowl? Ketchup or…salsa? You be the judge.


A fresh look for a classic.

Handsome, rich and clever, Emma Woodhouse is a charming 19th century young woman who vows to never marry and believes she has extraordinary matchmaking powers. Imagine what trouble could ensue? A playful classic written by author Jane Austen, Emma is a novel full of wit, charm and exceptional misunderstandings.

This cover redesign is to embody that same sense of play and lighthearted confusion for contemporary readers.

Good Nose Coffee Co.

An honest reply to the use of plastic single-serve coffee pods.

Good Nose Coffee Co. is free of plastic and 100% home compostable—yes, you read that right—this circular design uses natural fibrous materials and recycled coffee grounds to form its packaging.

For people who want to have their coffee and drink it too, this to-go alternative is making a thoughtful and sustainable change while keeping the brewing ritual alive and well.


Come on—hop in!

A playful and community-powered concept in response to Car2Go's exit from the YYC transportation system. This is an imagining of what a locally-based car share company could look like if it was partnered with small businesses to promote and encourage the local economy. Targeted at the new generation of drivers who are looking for ways to support their community-conscious values long with their sense of adventure.


Here to take the chore out of doing laundry.

Look, we get it.
We’ve suffered through the pains of communal laundry ourselves—machines are seldom cleaned, nearly always occupied and don’t get us started on the people you share them with. Clothes sitting in the dryer for hours on end? A familiar story.

Here at Soak, we want you to be able to take a load off.

Reserve a machine with our handy-dandy app, come in and get your clothes clean. While you wait, fuel yourself with some coffee, conversation and community.

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