2021 Grad Show

Haley Frederick

AUArts Grad Show Qhet4Yv1SjezVDJh3h68YA

VCD – Character Design & Illustration

I am an illustrator when I'm not looking for Cryptids. I have a diverse set of interests and enjoy drawing in a variety of mediums. My inspiration comes from the weird creatures on this planet and stories of myth and fantasy.

"Blitzkrieg in the Past" Cover Redesign

The redesign of the cover for the short story "Blitzkrieg in the Past" by John York Cabot. Includes designs for the interior cover pattern, chapter heads, and merchandise for the book.

Bat Pattern Tiles

Illustrated pattern tile

DMC Brand Redesign

Brand redesign for the DMC thread company to create a stronger emotional connection to their target audience.


Editorial illustrations

Pulp Fiction Cover

Pulp fiction style cover for a murder mystery

RevWHALEations animatic

Research and development for an animation about the Leviathan getting fed up with the worlds pollution and taking action.

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