2021 Grad Show

Yasmin Gamea

AUArts Grad Show 20190504_125457

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Originally from London town, Yasmin now lives, works and plays in Calgary. As a multidisciplinary designer, Yasmin’s passion for design emerged when she hit her teens in 2006 coinciding with the rise of America Online (AOL), MySpace and AIM/MSN Messenger. Today, Yasmin thrives on such nostalgia by giving a nod to the early era of Millennial childhood on the cusp of puberty: a time of coming-of-age memories of Britney Spears dressed like an underage schoolgirl, Fruit of the Loom t-shirts and sparkly jelly sandals that blistered your baby smooth tootsies!

Me. Magazine

Me. is self-created and designed niche magazine that revolves around the concept of the “selfie”, the ubiquitous digital self-portrait. Me. Magazine is anarchistic in a sense that we question the reverence for the digital self-portrait by looking at it from different angles, particularly from an angle that reveal bitter uncomfortable truths through a cheeky lens.

Escape with Your Daily Drive

Escape with Your Daily Drive’s mission is to become a Global Audio Network by a introducing mixed-media playlist to Spotify quintessentially evolving the very definition of a playlist. The playlist blends familiar and discovery-oriented tracks wit short-form podcasts and topical news updates—all of which are updated regularly to keep music and news fresh.


kloud is a foam handwash in three varieties: feels like heaven, baby cupid, and golden halo. The foam feels and smells like marshmallow pouffy clouds between your ring-laden fingers and glittery mermaid manicure. Scan the “k code” on the label for an exclusive filter on Instagram as the heavenly harp plays a sweet tune.

Know Your Raisins

Know Your Raisins in collaboration with BlackandBrownSkin and 21GRAMS, is a large-scale integrated advertising campaign for a hyper-relevant social cause, appropriating the dried raisin as a linguistic metaphor to the commonly dark brown nodules and lesions of many types of skin cancers on people with darker skin.


In partnership with Bonraw’s award-winning artisanal raw sugar line from around the world, Śarkara elevates the sugar status quo by bringing convenience to the kitchen, but beautifully done.

It is a set of natural, sustainable and organic raw birchwood, coconut and panela sugars in pre-measured sachets showing off their gorgeous brown hues for a more fulfilling and sensational experience. Śarkara’s name is inspired by the derivation of the word “sugar”, which is thought to be from Sanskrit शर्करा (śarkarā), meaning "ground or candied sugar," originally "grit, gravel".

You Are A Work of Art, Fellas!

A 1-day live event in which plinths with “living statues” of body diverse male street artists takeover the piazza leading towards the world’s leading museum of art and design, the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London, UK. These are unconventionally attractive men parodying as the marble and bronze statues of Grecian and Roman gods that are housed in the museum. This also hails the annual inauguration of Male Body Positivity Day (starting with 2021).

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