2020 Grad Show

Alexi Gaulin

AUArts Grad Show 007GaulinPortrait

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Can It

This magazine is a collaboration between Balzhan Sitaliyeva and myself. The magazine "Can It" focuses on food preservation, with this issue being a special edition on fermentation. The spreads pictured are part of a feature article I wrote and designed on the science behind and health benefits of fermented food.


This is a showcase of an application I created to aid with TNR. Neutering stray cats is not a cause many people care about, or are aware of. This app aims to make TNR more accessible to the general public by making the process simpler and more appealing.

Dear Data

This exercise was inspired by the data drawing project by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec. For this project I documented every cat I saw online over the course of five days and created a postcard showing the data in an interesting way. This project was very fun to do and I was excited for the opportunity to execute a piece using no digital means. Every "ear" in this visualization represents one cat, with a legend showing the different data and how it ties in to my project.

Design for Good

This project is a motion piece I created to raise epilepsy awareness. I have always been conscious fact that there is no mainstream sign or signal in the media to warn those with photosensitive epilepsy of potential triggers. For this reason, I wanted to create a video addressing this fact in an attempt to raise awareness and to compel the viewer to sign a fictional petition. I wrote the script for this video and hired a voice actor to record it for me professionally, which was an exciting experience.

Plant Mom

This project is a poster showing the many plants of one of my classmates. For this project, I took inspiration from vintage botanical illustrations. My illustrations in this piece attempt to emulate that style, with a more modern design and typefaces.

Haken Poster

This is an expressive typography poster inspired by the works of David Carson, especially his work for the magazine Raygun. In creating this project, I was trying to devise ways to capture his signature flavour, since most of Carson's work was done before the mass use of technology in design. I therefore went back to analog techniques, cutting and pasting letters, taking my own photos and making my own illustrations. This project was immensely fun to create.