2020 Grad Show

Alanna George

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Investigating Memory, Upholstery, and the Reminiscent

“Where do memories hide? They sneak into hard-to-reach crevices, and nestle quietly until some random thought or question burrows in, hooks one by the tail, and pulls. Finally, out into the light it comes, sheepishly.” - Nikki Grimes

For a long time, I thought my work was simply about memory; about people of the past, places I have longed to go back to, and a childhood home where a formidable segment of my youth permanently resides. As I have come to investigate more, and to create studies, collages, and paintings that delve into these things, I have realized that my work is actually about so much more. Memory has become the vague and wonderful outlet that has, in turn, powered an investigation that has led to much more clarity. Through my exploration of my childhood home, and its own role, I have dug into the way that memory can change and muddle my view of familiar spaces. I am interested in the way that this clouding influences not just what I remember of a certain time or space, but the changes in how I can represent it, with just photographs and memories as tools or references. I am interested in how I can take this information and utilize it to explore the defamiliarization of a familiar, domestic space, and the effect it will have on a viewer. There are a lot of questions that I have been working through as a result of this. For example, why does my mind remember and focus on furniture and upholstery textiles rather than the colour of the walls or the shape of a window? What happens when I take the information from my memory of this space, and add in new elements of pattern that are not exact, but merely reminiscent of these specificities that, to me, signify home? What does this mean to an outside viewer?

Selective Memory, 2020

Uncertain Gaps, 2020