2021 Grad Show

Jessica Gillam

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VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


I'm the type of person that spends her Friday nights sketching birds and flowers while watching the latest true crime documentary. An interesting contrast I know, but I've always valued those programs ability to show the raw truths of life, even the really dark ones. When it comes to my own design work I find most of my inspiration coming from wanting to capture this real side of life as well.

I believe in creating with intention and putting meaning into everything I design, even the smallest details. I like my designs to have attitude, truth and maybe even a dash of humour. I have a growing love for illustrations ability too add more life to a design and I am currently working on finding the perfect balance between the two in my work...emphasis on working on it. When it comes to my passion for typography and branding, finding new ways for design to make somebody feel something or even to make them connect with a brand on a deeper level is what really drives me to continue creating.


Buddles is a cognitive behavioural therapy based app for children with high anxiety, brought to life in the form of AI powered buddies. Buddles buddies use AI chatbot technology to be able to actually listen and respond to children. Each child's chosen buddy laughs and plays along with them all while teaching them important life long skills for managing anxiety, all in the form of fun therapy games. Buddles not only gives children a fun therapy buddy they can trust but also important tools they need to make sure they grow up as worry-free as possible.

Crimson Saddle

The Crimson Saddle is a contemporary country western lounge. Designed to represent the glamour and charm found in traditional country music but have more of a modern and swanky twist to step past the usual "outdated" feeling commonly associated with country bars. This type of lounge is meant for the people that would rather relax and enjoy a good cocktail with friends while listening to some good music instead cramming into loud bars with the young partiers. The Crimson Saddle's brand is heavily inspired by a mixture of southern charm, Alberta's own country western culture, country music and the city nightlife atmosphere.


Mo. is a line of lightly caffeinated canned teas for when you need a tasty yet simple pick-me-up without going overboard. Mo. as a brand is meant to be like that supportive best friend that is encouraging you to take care of yourself because they know how hard you've been trying lately. We might not be able to fix everything for you but we can give you a moment. Our brands biggest message to our community is simply "take a moment" even the smallest act of self care like stopping to take a breath can make a huge impact on your overall daily well being. All of Mo.'s external touch points focus on doing just that; bringing a tasty moment of peace to our customers. This project was done with a colleague of mine Kim Claussen.

Take Flight Brewing

Take Flight Brewing is a craft beer brand dedicated to preserving the longstanding rituals surrounding beer while only using sustainable circular design strategies for our packaging and production.

Take Flight Brews are sold in special tasting kits that include a traditional assortment of beers and a uniquely designed board all hand packed together in environmentally conscious materials. Take Flight kits are fully portable and able to be sold in e-commerce markets as well, moving the ritual beyond the brewery. Take Flight Brewing believes people should be able to enjoy the experience of a tasting flight, in the comfort of their own home even, while also still being better to our environment. Take Flight soars above the competition.

Tinge Magazine

Tinge is a magazine dedicated to exploring historical and contemporary pieces of artwork with dark or twisted art histories behind them. Tinge digs beyond the surface level to examine not only the works themselves but also the cultures, places and people they came from. Unlike other history magazines Tinge follows a different theme each issue and displays works from all eras in time, inducing modern pop culture, tattooing and the deliciously twisted fan art that covers our social media feeds today. Tinge magazine is about providing our readers with an alternative perspective on art that doesn't shy away from the truth no matter how dark it may be. The project was done with a colleague of mine Sofia Velasquez.

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