2021 Grad Show

Diego Gomez

AUArts Grad Show 20210413_094746


My work and research springs from anxieties around my body image and my struggle to really grasp the weight and value of my presence, both physically and metaphorically. My abstract digital drawings depict abstract human forms, broken up into parallel lines that create lanky, elongated silhouettes in layered compositions that are warped through a scanner and edited with digital software. The resulting forms, which are more or less recognizably humanoid, are placed on a textured background of highly contrasting colours that can only be perceived accurately through LED displays or projectors. This creates the optical illusions that form the emotional and conceptual centerpiece of my work.

Impressions, #5-8

Continuing the series of works where I try to manifest my dreams into something physical, in lieu of writing on a dream journal. Each image is a portrait of a single dream based on how I feel after waking up and I start thinking about what my brain just made up. As I create these and as I look at them, I'm thinking about the ways that my body changes in the dream- or the nightmare, depending on what actually happens to me and my body during the dream.

Figures: Dream Journaling II

Part of my "Figures" series, which are loosely based on dreams I've had and my thoughts trying to reconcile them with reality. Literally throwing everything at the wall. This time it's bright, loud, it commands the entire room just as it commands my memory. Even if you look away you still see its influence on the other walls, and if you look down you see its reflection on the floor. It's hard to ignore the thoughts you have when you first wake up in the morning. Get close and have a look; you're welcome to get lost in the details.

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