2021 Grad Show

Alina Graber

AUArts Grad Show photo


My personal history with trauma informs my work, creating personifying factors and harrowing imagery to depict events of said trauma and the thoughts that occur during it. I delve for the most part into the realm of photoshop and photographs in order to explore and express this content, tying in the themes of trauma and consent through a wide-spread media. The use of fantasy alongside trauma subverts the reality within my works.

DRWG 451B Works

These works have to do with body image and visual pleasure, exploring the negative impact of voyeurism on those who participate in social media and even marketable professions like modeling and photography. The works also delve into the harmful potential of the consumerism that surrounds our everyday on-line lives, alongside the damaging values society has come to perpetuated as a whole.


This is a stand alone animation project I have been working on since the beginning of the year (September 2020). It is still in progress, but has come a long way since it started.

DRWG 415B Works

These works depict a binary display between an angelic female figure and a demonic male one. They deal with the notion of consent and agency. However, despite the binary interplay within the images themselves, they strive to challenge what the exact concept of these notions are, through the use of heavy symbolic imagery. They reside in the realm of the grotesque, gothic in a way, sliding between contemporary and archaic.

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