2020 Grad Show

Nicholas Gunhouse

AUArts Grad Show DSC01453

Media Arts


Nicholas Gunhouse is an emerging multi-media artist and designer currently located in Calgary, Alberta. He is a recent graduate from the Alberta University of Arts with a B.F.A. in new media art and minor in print. Nicholas is inspired by the dadaist, and fluxus movements and uses their influences in his practice. His body of works explores contemporary issues around the age of information and how ideology works as a catalyst for misinformation and propaganda. By using installations, print and interactive objects he explores these concepts through satire and confrontational interaction that provokes critical thought around mass media.

Digital Labour Union, 2020

Cybercapitalism dramatically increased during the 2010’s opening opportunities for new online economies to evolve by using cybernetics. By economies utilizing and shifting towards forms of e-commerce cybernetics and computer sciences become more intertwined with capitalist economies. The intermingling of computers and economic markets have quadrupled world-wide and are projected to continue growing years to come. The growing amount of connections to automata are reflective of past conflicts of labour and automation in events such as the industrial revolution. Where technological advancement made laborious tasks obsolete via machine. but more efficient then in comparison to it’s human counterpart.

All You Can Eat Surillance, 2018

All You Can Eat Surveillance is a dada animation that explores data collection, surveillance and consumption.

A.I. Labourer, 2020

Title: A.I. Labourer
Medium: Video Stills, Intaglio, Screen Printed Coveralls
Artist: Nicholas Gunhouse
A.I Labourer is a performance based work that explores labour within digital technologies and the translation of that into real labour. A processing program produces instructions for the printmaker to generate a print. This removes the artistic intuition and expertise that would be applied in a process like this. The work contrasts how automation loses certain nuances especially when instructions and processes become subjective.

Canadian News Today, 2018

Completed works range from the context of the gallery, public performance, to guerilla installation in news boxes. Focusing on the satiric approach to the dangers of new media and misinformation. Misinformation having historical ties to propaganda, aesthetics and methodology is adopted into my work as a means of critique and accessibility. The works have interactivity or comedy as it is intended to draw in the viewer in as well as disarming their approach. This helps the audience deconstruct and introduce the heavier layered thinking about things such as ideology, mass media and history, providing an experiential opportunity to alter or change ones perceptions around art and the ideas presented.

National Science Commision, 2019

Title: National Science Commission
Medium: Silkscreen, Lithography, Foam Core, Photocopy, ID holder, Lab Coat.
Artist: Nicholas Gunhouse
My work is about deconstructing this ideological conflict, through the use of the faux organization the National Science Commission (NSC). The visual language I instruct in my work has ties to propaganda and the dadaist movement. Using dadaist collage as a form of visual construction, I begin to critique the inherent power of propaganda by fragmenting the narrative of the works.

Eavesdrop, 2019

Title: Eavesdrop
Medium/Media: MDF, LED, Servo Motor
Artist(s): Nicholas Gunhouse
Eavesdrop is an interactive sculpture that explores communication in the age of information. Two satellites discussing and sending information communicate one another through a personification of motion, noise and lights. When approached both satellites cease communicating and point towards the audience as to acknowledge their presence. This represents eavesdropping and the process of intercepting data in the context of government surveillance. The attempt to point out the hypocrisy in information collection by government powers is contrasted by the lack of transparency from these institutions.

A Whole Lot of Nothing, 2019

Title: Whole Lot of Nothing
Medium/Media: Video Projection, Foam Core
Artist(s): Nicholas Gunhouse
A Whole Lot of Nothing is an immersive installation that explores semiotics in the age of information. Construction symbols in the video collages are given a confrontational presence through the presence of sculpture in the center of the space. These are representative of the study of semiotics as we see these symbols in our day to day lives. These symbols are decontextualized making them useless and without purpose, becoming static information. As participants spend more time in the space the amount of information starts to become overwhelming. This mass data is the conflict that we must consult in the age of information.

ASTRO, 2019

ASTRO explores the history of the space race and contemporary consumer culture. The exhibition critiqued propaganda during the space race and how those practices relate to hypebeast culture today. By utilizing 60’s stamps and commercialized clothing Gunhouse deconstructs and repurposes these materials to create a complete propaganda program.

Black Box, 2020

Title: Black Box
Medium/Media: Interactive Sculpture Installation
Artist(s): Brandon Dull, Nicholas Gunhouse
Black Box is an interactive sculpture installation that configures a space around a large illuminated box. The viewer will enter the space, where the cube will flicker at their presence and movement. From the cube, automated voices will great and speak to the participants. A large cube sculpture, sensors, and speakers are used to produce this interactive video installation. We engage in a network through our phones. This network traverses and connects the world together. Whether this connection is consented or not, we are forced to accept that information is constantly cycled and retained.