2021 Grad Show

Henry Hays

AUArts Grad Show IMG_7410

VCD – Character Design & Illustration

Born a slithering mass of seaweed and small crustaceans from the brine of the cold January Atlantic, Henry has become considerably easier on the eyes and nose since his start on this planet.

Living in Calgary and working at the local art store he spends his spare time sketching images of the Canadian Military, dreaming of the High Arctic, and writing and planning comics that always seem to be right around the corner. Though he spends plenty of time inside listening to podcasts and talking to his emotionally distant tarantula, when he is spotted out and about he is usually covered in splatters of paint and smudges of graphite. Henry likes to work primarily with ink, casein, oil paints, and pencils, but he has been known to draw on rocks with pieces of burnt wood so really he's down for anything.

For any business opportunities or expedition proposals Henry can be reached via his email or instagram account, but a large smoke signal somewhere in the South of Calgary will do just as well (just be sure to offer some crickets to his pet invertebrate as a peace offering)


A collection of Illustrations primarily from my Third and Fourth years at AUArts. Everything seen here is for a class project unless stated otherwise.

Map-Maker: 4th Year Capstone Project

A project that was worked on for most of my final year, Map Maker is my first foray into the world of 3D Rendering for use in Video Games. Using assets from Aseprite, MagicaVoxel, and Blender I created 3 unique and detailed environments filled with natural formations, man-made structures, and characters to populate the world. This project will be pursued in the coming months after my knowledge of programming and game development is improved through online courses.

All work done digitally, and completed in April of 2021.

Military Art

Collection of art, specifically focused on the Canadian and British Military during the time periods of World War 1 and 2. Mediums and dates listed on each individual work.


A collection of paintings with no connecting factor other than the fact that my hands did indeed paint them.

This site may contain artworks with provocative content that some viewers may find uncomfortable or upsetting. AUArts supports a culture of non-censorship and ongoing conversations about contemporary art.