2021 Grad Show

Jayka Milliza Sahagun Herrera

AUArts Grad Show _MG_9015



Board of Governors Graduating Student Award Recipient - Photography


Spaces, ACAD circa 2018

Spaces is a collection of images documenting locations at ACAD circa 2018 which is now AUArts that became significant to me. All images are 35mm black and white film, enlarged in silver gelatin prints.

The Gaze (A Documentary Series)

These images are a part of an ongoing documentary series that is about the LGBTQ+, mainly women who explored and are still going through a significant part of their journey. Especially at this period where there are misconceptions and ideas that can be misleading to the younger generation.

Inspired by the film, The Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

You and I

You and I is a continuous documentary about feeling and showing vulnerability. People were invited and were asked several questions that are only kept between the interviewer and interviewee. These are some of the images from the collection and it was fascinating to see the change of expression from having a light to a profound conversation.

This site may contain artworks with provocative content that some viewers may find uncomfortable or upsetting. AUArts supports a culture of non-censorship and ongoing conversations about contemporary art.