2021 Grad Show

Jennah Heshmat

AUArts Grad Show gradd

VCD – Character Design & Illustration

I'm an illustrator, and I love stories about people who care too much. The dark, the gothic, and the romantic have given me comfort since I was definitely too young for it. I try to make work that resonates with people like me, to tell them they're not alone.


Carmilla is one of my favourite vampire stories, but it is so hard to find a book cover for it that I like -- it's simply not as prominent like Dracula is. I decided to do a revamp of the book cover and create a concept for a potential board game to be sold alongside it.

The Ifrit's Bride - Comic

Here are the first six pages of an eight-page comic I made for The Ifrit's Bride, my gothic Islamic narrative about a girl who marries a man with a secret. This is an opening scene, but it depicts the aftermath of the events between Leila and her husband, Emran.

The Ifrit's Bride - Storyboards

I storyboarded a scene from my story for an animation class. In this scene, Leila comes across a room she's not meant to enter, after taking some time to explore the palace. This is where she learns a strange secret that her husband had been trying to keep from her.

The Smothering

The Smothering is a concept for a tabletop roleplaying game with the premise that all the player characters are doomed to die -- so how do you find the fun in it? It follows a Prophet who must make a pilgrimage to a mountain to extinguish a torch that will never go out, accompanied by Disciples who must maintain their sanity along the way. There are three major environments I drew and three spot illustrations depicting a possible story, all meant to evoke the imagination and give the players something to think about.

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