2020 Grad Show

Caroline Hoang

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VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


My work focuses on expressive story-telling and strong conceptual thinking; transforming those ideas into different channels such as brand identity, campaigns, radio spots, and video. Through my vast range of abilities, the most important aspect of my work is the concept. Because every impactful brand and campaign starts with a captivating concept, in order to create an emotional response that engages with its audience and inspires them to talk about their interpretation and be social within the community. My time learning to work as a team has helped me grow as an individual and a designer, thanks to the sharing of ideas and elevating one another’s concepts. Through my process of understanding the challenges set forth, before diving deep into research and ideation, I can better tailor my designs to a prospective audience for a maximum impact.

Board of Governors Graduating Student Award Recipient - Advertising

Save The Tides

A small mess on your favourite shirt is a big deal.
Tide To Go is a portable, easy to use, spot remover that can clean up small messes on all kinds of material.
However, the skepticism of our product’s quality of use has lowered the trust of our customers.
To rebuild the strong trust with our customers, we want to tackle big problems with small but effective solutions.
We created an advertising campaign with the collaboration of NOAA to donate $1 for every purchase of a Tide To Go Stick, to tackle oil spill situations.

Diamond's Direct

Buying an engagement ring is one of the larger purchases a man will make in his life.
His future wife, her family, and friends will evaluate him based on the choices he will make.
A 30-second radio spot defines the idea of bad proposal places. If you have a ring from Diamonds Direct, al least you've got something right.


A packaging design project for the brand, Philips, and their new product, Lumens. Collaboration project with Julia Dang and Mike Doborski.

Red Star Seafood Restaurant

A rebranding project for the Red Star Seafood Restaurant, located in Richmond, BC.

Home is Where The Heinz Is

In our busy, plugged-in, and over-scheduled lives, we rarely take the time to truly express our feelings and see the people that we love. Our family. Eating meals together is often neglected for meals “on the go.” The table is where we gather, not just to eat, but to talk, share, and connect. Food gets people talking.

Home Where The Heinz is, is an ad campaign that shows the importance of connecting the family with Heinz.
Heinz is always with you when you create important memories with loved ones. It has to be Heinz.